Medical &
Scientific Team

Establishing scientific and research leadership presence and footprint through knowledge transfer, partnership and collaboration with experts, specialist, and renowned institutions from their respective fields.

Dr. Michael Har-Noy

Scientist & Inventor

Dr. Alessandra Cesano

CMO of Nano Strings Technologies

Dr. Francesco Marincola

CSO of Refuge Biotech

Ex- President of SITC

Prof. Or Reuvan

Director Department of Bone Marrow

Transplantation, Hadassah Medical Centre

Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunobiology

Research Center

Dr. Sandra Demaria

Professor and Chairman of Pathology &

Radio Oncology Weill Cornell Medical College New York

Board Leadership of Society of Immunotherapy

Of Cancer (SITC)

Dr. Howard L Kaufman

Chief Surgical Officer & Associate Director

Clinical Science & Rutgers

Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Dr. Safoora Amini

PhD in Biochemistry

R&D Manager

Dr. Pezhman Hafez

MD, PhD Tissue Engineering &

Regenerative Medicine

Chief Science & Research Officer


Jeannette Lim

Scientific Research Assistant