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Strategic Partners

Association and alliances with pioneering institutions on the technologies for preventive medicinal development know-how and expertise.

Strategic Partners

Edifice Health - Inflammatory Age®, iAge®

At present, there are no standard biomarkers for standard blood tests to measure Systemic Chronic Inflammation (SCI) biomarkers.

SCI is a life-long process and is the result of pro-inflammatory cytokines released from immune cells and the chronic activation of the innate immune system, the arm of immunity that dictates the response to pathogens and is involved in a wide range of non-communicable diseases that can cause aging.

Our partnership with Edifice Health, offers us the ability to test a patients iAge® - a new metric for general health which predicts a variety of chronic illnesses, based on the largest database for human immunity and aging, along with artificial intelligence algorithms.


It is a new metric that predicts multi-morbidity and immune decline and provides 150 actionable interventions to improving a patient’s immune health.

The Baker Company

Baker has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment and specializing in built-to-order products designed expressly for unique application needs.

With Baker, we were able to build to order a custom based equipment to facilitate our stringent research and cultivation requirements for umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells testing and production processes.

Vectorite Biomedical

Vectorite Biomedical Inc is a Taiwan-based diagnostic and research company and serves in the Life Sciences market segments. It prepares studies of adult healthy cells, cell preparation and application. They are engaged in the research and development of adoptive cell therapy (ACT) technologies for cancer and infectious diseases.

We are currently exploring a joint venture on the research and cultivation of Hypoxic NK cells.

National University of Malaysia Hospital (HUKM)

UKM Medical Centre is an academic medical center that was created through the merger of the Faculty of Medicine and teaching hospital, Hospital UKM. The merger brought together the research capabilities of academic and clinical facilities.


The medical staff at HUKM offers expertise in the fields of organ and stem cell transplantation, surgical implants, laparoscopic surgery, and neurological diseases, endocrine and cardiovascular diseases.

HUKM is a key partner in research, quality control and validation for our stem cell-based products.

National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)

NPRA was established to implement quality control on pharmaceutical products. The infrastructure and facilities were designed to meet the requirements for testing and quality control activities.

Beginning 1985, NPRA was given the task of ensuring the quality, efficacy, and safety of pharmaceuticals through the registration and licensing scheme. This is achieved through evaluation of scientific data and laboratory tests on all products before they are marketed. A system to monitor products in the market was set-up. Information on drugs for medical professionals and consumers was made available through a drug information service.

Strategic Partners


Specializes in longitudinal data and content bank in immune health and immune aging, critically valuable for discovery of interventions and prevention of diseases.

The Baker Company

Baker maintains an unparalleled passion for helping our customers advance science, discovery, and clinical care.

Vectorite Biomedical group was founded in Taiwan in 2004. Vectorite Biomedical has collaborated with the largest listed company in cellular immunotherapy in Japan, Tella to get the technology of DC cell vaccine and NK cell therapy to treat cancer patients.


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