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Hypoxic Exosomes Workshop by 

The Baker Company

Step into the realm of cutting-edge research and innovation with the Hypoxic Exosomes Workshop, a remarkable collaboration between Yakin Splendour and The Baker Company. Join us in this captivating video as we delve into the highlights of an intensive workshop conducted at Yakin Splendour, featuring participants from renowned local universities including UKM (National University of Malaysia) and UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia).

Discover the exciting world of hypoxic exosomes, where groundbreaking advancements are made in understanding and harnessing the potential of these tiny extracellular vesicles. Gain insights into the collaborative efforts between Yakin Splendour and The Baker Company, both pioneers in their respective fields, as they explore the therapeutic applications of hypoxic exosomes.

YSGHB Official Launch

Yakin Splendour Global Holdings Berhad: Unveiling our official launch, celebrating a new chapter of success and excellence.

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Experience the excitement of Yakin SEA signing ceremony, uniting industry leaders in a commitment to growth and shared success.

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Stem Cell Workshop

Discover the transformative power of stem cells at Yakin Splendour Global Holdings' workshop. Explore cutting-edge insights in regenerative medicine and unlock new frontiers in healthcare.

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Yakin Property MOU

Yakin Splendour Global Holdings Berhad and Midlands City have entered into a significant partnership through the signing of an MOU. This collaboration represents a shared vision and the beginning of an exciting journey.

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AIM Launching

I-Age Launch event: Discover the revolutionary health metric that predicts chronic illnesses using a vast human immunity and aging database, along with cutting-edge AI algorithms.

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ARMI MOU Ceremony

Witness the synergy of key stakeholders at the ARMI MOU Ceremony, dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine and immunotherapy in Asia's healthcare landscape.

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The Baker Company Workshop

Explore the world of hypoxic exosomes in The Baker Company's enlightening workshop. Uncover groundbreaking insights and advancements in healthcare and regenerative medicine.

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YSGHB Annual General Meeting

Yakin Splendour Global Holdings Berhad's 2nd Annual General Meeting: A successful milestone, uniting shareholders, executives, and industry leaders. Celebrating corporate culture, dedication, and growth.

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Embrace the future at the Exclusive MOU Signing Ceremony between Yakin Splendour Global, Yakin Wellness (Asia) Limited, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Esco, Vectorite Biomedical Inc & Nouva Gem Worldwide. A pivotal moment signifying a collective journey towards extraordinary advancements.

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From left: Andrew, Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Dr. Krista, and Dr. Petra in Andrew’s car to attend Hypoxia: From Basic Mechanism to Emerging Therapies organized by Keystone Symposia on Molecular & Cellular Biology at INEC Killarney Convection Centre, Killarney, Munster, Ireland on May 28-31, 2023.

Hello from Ireland!

Yakin’s advisory council members, Andrew Skinn & Dr Krista attended the conference on Molecular & Cellular Biology at INEC Killarney Convention Centre today. The conference serves as the primary platform for hypoxia-related research, and it brings together experts from various academic and research fields.


The key goal of the event is to address gaps in the understanding of oxygen availability responses, the showcasing of new techniques for therapeutic targeting of hypoxic responses, the exploration of novel research systems, and the investigation of how the targeting pathway can improve clinical outcomes in different diseases.

Yakin’s Advisory Council participates in the Keystone Symposia Conference in Killarney, Munster, Ireland (May 28-31, 2023)

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